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Domestic software for security in the food industry

A native software has been developed for food safety. According to the software prepared by the Turkish company, the rates of farmers in crop protection products will be controlled by software. This will prevent farmers from using extra chemical products.

The software is owned by Vistratek. The company has developed a software and automation system called “BITKOSIS” in cooperation with MKV Consulting and Duba Electronic. The plant protection products will be under the supervision of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock until the product is received by the farmers. Fatih Ömrüuzun, General Manager of Vistratek reported,  “For this, we label all products with unique data matrixes during production. In this way, the Ministry is able to track all the stages from the first stage to the sale to the farmers through this data matrix. In addition, the system makes it easy to manage the stock management of manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers with the help of data matrix and prevents illegal use of products.”


Stating that the software will automatically limit the chemicals that farmers can use, Ömrüuzun said, “With this software, real-time inquiry can be made and the farmer will not be able to purchase more plant protection products than they need.For example, farmers who who work on 10 acres will not be able to purchase more than ten products. While ensuring that the pesticide residues in these food products are fully under the supervision of the Ministry, it will ensure the food consumed by the public is within food safety standards.”


Ömrüuzun stated that a facility operating in Mersin with an automation system was selected as a pilot producer by the Mersin Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

And he said:

“They visited the facility. The Ministry has determined a plant that performs production with plant in Mersin as a pilot plant. They examined the production of plant protection products with different packaging types in real time integrated into the Ministry system. Tracking the briefing given by the facility authorities and our company, the Ministry officials recorded the photos of the facility and videos regarding the operation of the system in order to inform the other provincial directorates. Studies on this subject are very important. In the upcoming period, we want to push the upper levels in this area with new projects and studies. By explaining the importance of the facility more, we will draw attention to food.”