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Domestic software to improve food safety has been developed

The company Vistratek has developed software to ensure that plant protection products are under ministerial supervision from production to distribution to farmers.

Food safety and pesticides protection which have been the priority program of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, was supported by the domestic companies. Developing a software on the issue, Vistratek will ensure that plant protection products are under the supervision of the Ministry at any point along the production, processing and distribution chain. Thus, the residue of the drug in the food product consumed by the citizen, pesticide will be reduced to a minimum.


Vistratek, a strategic partnership with MKV Consulting and Duba Electronic, has developed a software and automation system called “BITKOSIS” for the integration of all stakeholders such as manufacturers, dealers and wholesalers. Fatih Ömrüuzun, General Manager of Vistratek, who gave information about the system developed by Turkish engineers within METU Teknokent, said, “We label all products with unique IDs during the production stage. In this way, the Ministry can track all the steps from production automation to sales by the dealer to the farmers.”

Pilot Producer was selected

Thanks to the software, farmers will not be able to purchase more plant protection products than they need. For example, farmers who who work on 10 acres will not be able to purchase more than ten products. Thus, consumers will not eat the remnant product of the drug. With the automation system developed, a plant in Mersin, which is integrated with Plant Protection Products Tracking System, was selected as a pilot manufacturer.