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Remaining drug in food will be tracked by local data matrix

Local companies also supported the infrastructure of the Plant Protection Products Tracking System (BKÜTS), which was implemented by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock for food security.

Vistratek has developed a software and automation system called “BITKOSIS” together with Turkish engineers of METU Technokent. Plant protection products will be tracked by the ministry until they reach the farmers.

Fatih Ömrüuzun, General Manager of Vistratek, said: “We label the products with the data matrix at the production stage. Through the data matrix, the ministry is able to track all steps. The system simplifies stock management of producers, wholesalers and dealers and prevents illegal use.”

Stressing that the system will prevent farmers from purchasing more pesticides than they need, Ömrüuzun said, “The farmer will look at the area where he or she sows, for example, how many pesticides are needed for 10 acres of sales will be made. Thus, the food consumed by citizens will be ensured to be reliable.”