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Food residues in food will be followed by native data matrix

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock has received support from local companies for the Plant Protection Products Monitoring System (BKÜTS) infrastructure that it has implemented for food safety.

Visratek has developed a software and automation system called Türk Bitkosis ve together with Turkish engineers at METU Technopolis. Plant protection products with ol Bitkosis iye will be followed by the ministry until they reach the farmer.

General Manager of Visratek Fatih Ömrüuzun said, ü We label the products in the production stage with data matrixes.
Karekod through the ministry can follow all the steps. The system facilitates inventory management of manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers and prevents illegal use. Sistem

Ömrüuzun emphasized that farmers will buy agricultural pesticides more than they need. Tı The farmer will be looking at the area where the farmer sowing, for example 10 pounds of agricultural pesticides are needed for the sale.

Thus, it will be ensured that the foods consumed by the citizens are reliable. G (Habertürk / Esra Nehir)