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Pesticides can be traced from production to consumption!

Thanks to the software developed by a local company, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock will be able to track all the processes from the production of pesticides to the use of farmers.

The software and automation system BITKOSIS developed by Vistratek, a strategic partnership with MKV Consultancy and Duba Electronic, with Turkish engineers at METU Technokent will enable minimizing the amount of pesticides in food products consumed by the public.

Vistratek General Manager Fatih Ömrüuzun stated that the ministry is tracking all the processes from the production of agricultural pesticides to the use of farmers. Ömüuzun said:

“Thanks to the integration of data matrix to the ministry system, all steps of the drugs given to the farmers by pesticide dealers can be monitored by the Ministry. It prevents illegal use of products.”

Stating that the manufacturers, wholesalers, and dealers are able to sync the data in real time on quantities of the drugs they purchased, stocked or used to the system thanks to the data matrix tracking software that has been developed , Ömrüuzun noted:

Using the software, the sale of pesticides from dealers to farmers will be monitored instantly by the Ministry through tablet computers. , Hence, farmers will not be able to buy more pesticides than they need.”