Traceability Systems for Agrochemical Products

MKV Bilisim has been providing hardware and software solutions to the manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and dealers to treacebility systems for agrochemical products.

Traceability Systems for Agrochemical Products that are developed by MKV Bilisim ensures traceability of various types of agrochemical products thanks to coding with a unique Datamatrix in production or importation.

This system enables to define the location of the products in the supply and distribution chain. It's possible with the help of the electronic product code to track each transaction of the agrochemical products in the supply chain from the beginning of the production or import process. Accordingly, with the help of the DataMatrix printed on each product package or box, it's possible to report the incoming and outgoing of the products, so that the last location, time and the status of the product can be saved and stored in a live data source.

Key features of the MKV traceability system:

The system reduces the cost of operations for the producers and suppliers. The system can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime by all authorized people who uses MKV developed software and hardware. Thanks to the fast clearance, as the system reduces duplication in data capturing and it enables instant reference of previous steps in the supply chain. The result of every single activity in the system is recorded and made available for the next user in the supply chain, resulting in complete transparency. Another valuable feature of the system is its impact on service response time. By removing many repetitive steps, the system reduces the overall response time that required for any consignment.