Pharmaceutical Track & Trace Systems

MKV developed Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System includes all key features of a high-end traceability system. Thanks to the company developed software and high performance hardware units, the system allows unique identification of products and locations. Every single step and action of a medical product in the supply chain is saved and stored in a live data source, thanks to the use of a DataMatrix code.

MKV Bilişim Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System is an end-to-end software and hardware solution for traceability, serializing operations of pharmaceutical products in their lifecycle. The system includes company developed software and high quality hardware.

Advantages of the Pharmaceutical Track & Trace Systems:

Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System ensures reliable supply of drugs and medical products to patients. The system provides a huge advantage in fighting against; counterfeiting, fraud, smuggling and illegal sale of drugs, barcode and package scams are also can be easily detected. The public benefit is also huge as such systems prevent double payments by reimbursement agencies and tax frauds. Another public good that was provided by Pharmaceutical Track & Trace Systems is: supporting the rational drug use. Overall thanks to the supplied valuable data, the legal authorities can easily monitor and to control the drug and medical market.